First Impressions | Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D was never a household name for me growing up but seeing as she and everything she does is so Instagrammable it seemed inevitable for her cruelty-free beauty line to cross my path.

So far everything I’ve tried from the line I have loved, so I was giddy with excitement when I spotted her Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette in Debenhams! Not too disimilar to this…

At €64 I did pause at the checkout to do a quick calculation on food vs makeup – luckily I had many canned baked beans at home –  making this the most expensive beauty item I’ve ever purchased, excluding fragrance.

Now, as with all things Kat Von D related, can we just stop to admire the presentation?

And this is just the box! Look at that shiny embossing…
Don’t you just love the gothic window/headstone shaped palette? It’s very expensive and luxurious looking but also hints at some sort of forbidden shades inside.
Open sesame!

Beautiful, no? Unfortunately the mirrors are narrow enough to make you dizzy if you try to use them for application, so it loses points for impracticality. That said, they are still very pretty. The palette is also held shut by magnets, which is my new favourite feature of all makeup packing seeing as I carry around so much of it in my bag – no more broken powders escaping my tote in a puff of smoke.

Let’s take a closer look.

Aren’t these names fab? Not to mention very unique and original.
Even the vegan stamp is cute.

Now that we’ve established it is glass display case worthy, lets get down to the technicals.

In total there are 24 shades – all new – made up of six glitter, 12 shimmer and six matte shades. The Saint side of the palette is made up of a mix of fun yet neutral, warm tones, while the Sinner side is for bringing out your inner diva! This side is perfect for the party season – or a Tuesday, whichever suits; you do you!

To swatch on the finger tips the eyeshadows seem like very finely milled powder, so they feel silky. Problem is, we don’t apply eyeshadows with our fingers.

I use EcoTools brushes for everything and i’ve loved them for years; they’re perfect. But they just couldn’t pick up much product, especially when it came to the glittery shades. I felt like I had to really dig to get swatches you could see in photographs.

Saint swatches.

As you can see the Saint swatches weren’t very successful. I’m very disappointed to be honest; I expected much more from Kat Von D and the money I forked out. The shades Absolution and Heaven in particular are almost invisible. And I know I’m pale but trust me when I say there’s almost no product there, despite three swipes of the brush.

Sinner swatches.

The Sinner swatches were much more encouraging, which I’m happy about as these shades are the reason I bought the palette. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and get a bit more creative. That said, the colours look much more vibrant, bold and almost costumey in the palette than they do on the skin.

Overall, my first impressions are quite deflated from my expectations. I will be using the palette nonetheless, so don’t forget to come back out check out my full review.

Will I grow to love it or continue to wonder if I should have bought decent groceries this week?

Available on or at Debenhams.


    1. Thanks, Rach! I haven’t even socialised this post yet, so I’m surprised you even found it! I’m waiting until I’ve slightly more content and a comprehensive shopping list before I ‘launch’. But thanks so muchfor reading! ❤


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