Review | Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eau De Parfum

Second Kat Von D Beauty post in a row; I guess I can’t hide my obsession, can I?

€83 each for 100ml bottle in Debenhams.

The Saint & Sinner Eau De Parfums were the first Kat Von D Beauty products I purchased. I was first drawn to the sultry scent of Sinner. I can’t describe it any better than that; it makes you feel empowered and sexy as hell!

I am horrendous at describing scents myself but the Kat Von D Beauty website describes Sinner as, “dark, sultry, and empowering,” and addictive. Considering how much I wear, I can attest to the latter.

Even the boxes are perfectly designed with embossed detailing.

My obsession quickly lead me to try the other side of the coin and I had to purchase Saint. Embracing all side of my personality, y’know? The Saint scent is lighter but just as sexy; wearing it makes me feel confident and like I can tackle anything that comes at me and do it with grace.

The Kat Von D Beauty website describes Saint as, “dreamy, romantic and alluring,” and a candid floral fragrance.

Isn’t the sheen of the text beautiful? And this is just the box!

Now that we’ve discussed scent, I think when you’re talking about fragrances at this price point longevity is something to consider. Both fragrances linger on the skin just as long as on clothes, which is something I find vodd! That said, it lasts on your clothes a very long time; from application until laundry! And considering how good they both smell I love how long-lasting they are. It also means that respraying is a thing of the past with these and your products will last longer. I wear one or the other every day and I still have most of both left.

Saint and Sinner Eau De Parfums

Another thing I love about these is that there’s no chemical undertones to them. Sometimes when I test perfumes in a store I can actually feel the nose hairs burning in my nostrils but I’ve never had that experience with these.

Now that the technical aspects of this review are over, it’s time to discuss one of the most important things about any perfume; the bottles.

Saint Eau De Parfum
Sinner Eau De Parfum
Every detail, down to the bottle top, is both perfect branding and beautiful.
The bottle caps also resemble intricate chess pieces.

Will you just look. I mean, there really are no words for how beautiful these are. They’re made for displaying and being part of your home decor.

Note: If you’re displaying decorative perfume bottles out, do so out of direct sunlight. Rays from the sun make the perfume react and go off. Not good for the scent or your skin!

I have the fragrances in the 100ml size but they also come in 50ml and 10ml bottles.

Aren’t these 10ml bottles just dying to be in your handbag at all times?
€21 each in Debenhams.

All products mentioned are available in Debenhams or on Kat Von D Beauty.

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