Annoying things you’ll hear as a vegan

Going vegan wouldn’t seem half as overwhelming if it weren’t for all the herbivores and their opinions on your new life path.

If you’re thinking of giving up animal products and by-products, here’s a head’s up on some of the irritating things you’ll tire of hearing from people who aren’t vegan.

But, what do you eat?

What meat-eaters think vegans eat…

What you’ll actually eat…

WARNING: Hunger pangs ahead!

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Tofurkey pizza! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• Found this at the Jason's at I12Katong. I can't remember how much it was… around 10 to 12SGD. Verdict – 7.5/10 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I enjoyed the toppings and pesto, but the crust was really thick and it felt like some wholemeal crust, I mean, if I'm going to have processed foods, it's okay to just give me the unhealthy white crust… hahaha #unhealthyvegan but I'm not complaining, since I really like convenience food for the midnight snacking or when I just can't bring myself to cook AND this seems to be the only vegan pizza I can find and I've only seen it at this Jason's… Maybe next time I'll keep it in the oven a little longer to crisp the crust. ๐Ÿ™‚ #fatvegan #sgvegancomminity #sgvegan #vegansg #veganinsingapore #newvegan #beginnervegan

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Pretty sure that’s enough to make my point clear.

Where do you get your protein?

You must really love animals

Nope. I’m a redhead, so I have a natural hatred for bees and wasps, and I cannot stand the dawn chorus – really birdies, go back to sleep! But I respect all animals and their right to live, free from hunger and thirst, free from discomfort, free from pain injury or disease, free to express their normal behaviour and free from fear and distress.

Respect > Love

That must be so difficult!

Wouldn’t be so difficult if I didn’t hear about it all the bloody time.

So, you can’t use MAC?

There’s something about MAC, specifically, that people find so crazy to even consider giving up. To clarify, most vegans won’t use MAC because of their and their parent company’s (Loreal) animal testing policy and the fact that the majority of their products contain animal products.

I never used MAC before anyway; I am in my hole spending almost 30 quid on setting powder!

Humans are supposed to eat meat; we have canines you know

If you want to put your ‘canines’ to the test meat-eaters, go tear some raw meat from the bone, yeah?

I love animals but I love eating meat too much

The problem I really have with this is a misuse of the word ‘love’. We humans do it all the time; I love that magazine, I love going for walks in the chilled air, I love chocolate. No, you don’t, you just really like that stuff! If that magazine you love picking up at the train station once every two months stopped publishing, you wouldn’t cry for months on end from despair and heartbreak.

Plants have feelings too

I just can’t even, with this one.ย 

Eating animals is about population control

If we didn’t breed livestock animals specifically to eat them and their by-products, and at a completely unnatural rate, there wouldn’t be so many of them, would there?

I guess you never eat out then

As the world’s laziest person, who will avoid washing up at all costs, I eat out or order takeaway probably six out of seven nights during the week. Each time I’ll get something different too. Ever notice the meat eater always gets chicken curry and fried rice? Now, who’s got the restrictive diet?

143V is my current fav cafรฉ in Cork and it’s 100 percent vegan – and my herbivore boyfriend loves it too; just sayin.

Sorry, Pam

Literally every time people talk about meaty food or even milk and cheese in front of me, or order such in front of me at a restaurant, they apologise. It would actually wear ya. I couldn’t care less what you’re eating or talking about, just don’t shove it down my throat, yeah?

You must eat a lot of salad

See the Instagrams in point one; that’ll set ya straight.

So, you don’t eat bread or pasta?

It really amazes me how little people know about what they’re eating. Most breads and pastas are already vegan. I don’t have to spend extortionate amounts of money on special breads etc. Herbivores, read the ingredients every once in a while, just check in, see what you’re putting in your tum tum.

You eat fish though

Good rule of thumb, if it has a face, I don’t eat it or anything from it.


Are you still doing that?

I have this one particular cousin, who insists on greeting me with, “Are you still doing that healthy diet thing?”, every single time I meet her. Naturally, I make it my business not to meet her much.

To clarify, being vegan does not necessarily mean you’ll be healthy. You can live on Oreos, fizzy drinks and dark chocolate, be vegan and have one foot in the grave the whole time. Though it’s worth stating that a vegan junk food eater is still healthier than a non-vegan one, due to reduced amounts of dairy derivitives. To note, I’m about a 50/50 vegan; I eat 50 percent whole foods and 50 percent absolute junk – and I love it!

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