Why I don’t support cruelty-free brands with non-cruelty-free parent companies

When I first went cruelty-free, before I was veggie or vegan, I supported brands that had parent companies that tested on animals. I didn’t research parent companies. I hadn’t given the concept much thought at all.

I remember the day I decided to clear out my make-up of the products I found out were still testing on animals, somewhere in the world. I was living in Denmark at the time. The Danes seem to really love The Body Shop; there’s one on almost every corner. The Body Shop is the Starbucks of the beauty world there. I popped into my local and stocked up on the day-to-day things I needed: eyebrow pencil; waterproof mascara; lip balm and shampoo.

But as I kept researching, kept studying, kept developing as a person on the vegan life path, I finally made my mind up about parent companies; I wouldn’t support their cruelty-free brands.

The main reason I won’t support these cruelty-free brands, try as they might, their profits bump up the bottom line of their parent companies. This is money that contributes to the testing of products on animals. For me it is that simple; I won’t put my euros in that financial pool.

Many argue that they are voting with their coinage, which is a stance I respect. After all, that’s how I thought and lived for a significant amount of time. But at the end of the day, a parent company is a business, and the aim of business is to generate profits for the company, its owners, its shareholders etc. I don’t believe that me supporting only a parent company’s cruelty-free assets will make them change their company-wide status on animal testing. If it did, companies like Loreal and Estee Lauder would have stopped testing on animals a long time ago.

I bet you were expecting a more academic, essay type post for this topic, right? I didn’t deem it necessary. For me, my stance on animal testing is quite cut and dry.

That said, I do not condone those who support these parent-owned cruelty-free brands. I respect anyone who makes a decision to ease the suffering of animals.

Every little helps! ❤

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