Could E.L.F. allow me to say f**k off to the clogged pores of my nose?

I’m a big fan of E.L.F. cosmetics and have been since I first went cruelty-free. However, I’ve never tried any of their skincare products.

They’ve just released a dual-sided Pore-Cleansing Brush, which fits on your finger and claims that the bristles gently de-clog pores and eliminate dirt to leave behind refined skin.

And who wouldn’t want something small and simple, which does all that, and for $2? It’s a no brainer, right? Well, to me the bristles and massaging bumps look like they will hurt more than anything else.

But that’s my first impression without having the product in my possession. My skin is very clear in general but the area around my nose could always do with a better exfoliating experience! I think it’s because I live in the city now. Anyhoo, I shall try and get my hands on one (which means venturing into Penneys… help me!) and I’ll report back!


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